Urban Design
Jana USP created tender SURE, a set of street design and procurement guidelines to fix our urban roads. The government of Karnataka allocated 200 crores in its 2012 budget to redevelop 45 roads in Bangalore based on these guidelines. Of these Jana USP is redesigning 7 roads in the city centre, of which 2 are completed and 5 are under construction. We are ready to start with new roads from concept to execution and are looking to start a team who can take this project and scale it across India. This role involves the challenge of identifying Tender SURE roads that maximise benefit to mobility in any given area, and then designing it from concept, to tender and through execution. It involves facilitation and coordination with various government agencies, the contractor and technical expertise. It involves project management, site supervision and an efficient drawing schedule for timely delivery of drawings and patience and perseverance to overcome revisions due to various onsite conditions.