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About ASICS  :  India's only independent benchmarking of cities through a systemic framework. ASICS evaluates City-Systems- the complex, mostly invisible factors such as laws, policies, institutions, processes and accountability mechanisms that strongly influence Quality of Life in India's cities and benchmarks them against global counterparts. In its second year in 2014, ASICS has expanded its footprint to 21 cities from the original 11 cities and provides city administrators and policymakers with a diagnosis of systemic reforms needed in their respective cities.

: Intern
: BE, MBA, BA LLB etc
: Engineering, Law or Science or Any
Job Responsibilities

As a volunteer for ASICS, your role would comprise of the following:

  • Researching for unique practices and processes followed by cities across the world with respect to the 4 sections of the City-Systems framework
  • Analyzing data from the survey and drawing trends/conclusions from it
  • Generating recommendations for City governance based on the analyses
  • Assisting team members in writing the ASICS report
  • Supporting team members in arranging for the ASICS event
  • Work pending is data collection on parameters of transparency, accountability, audits, municipal finances, urban resources etc.
  • Municipal finance and audit: Analysis of audit reports on urban local bodies by state auditors and study of state budgets and city budgets to understand the financial sufficiency and reforms being conducted in this sphere by GOI.
  • Policy briefs: We will be coming out with policy briefs for external stakeholders every fortnight from now. Intern shall be involved with qualitative and quantitative research. The briefs will be based on issues faced in urban India and tied into the work Janaagraha does.

Posted on Apr 17 , 2015