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Social Media / Marketing
About Social Media / Marketing  :  Online Marketing is an important aspect of the online initiatives by Janaagraha viz I Paid A Bribe and I Change My City. I Paid A Bribe uses the power of social media & internet to crowd source bribe reports from across India. These reports are in turn shared on our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to spread awareness. I Change My City to incorporate social media significantly. The complaints posted on ICMyC are shared on social media to garner more votes which helps prioritise leading to faster resolutions. Social media provides the ideal platform for citizens to vent, rant and discuss on topics of corruption and civic issues.

: Intern
: Any
: Excellent overall writing skills in a number of different styles/tones Impeccable spelling and grammar
Job Responsibilities

1. Work in association with digital marketing team towards developing  and improving on company’s digital marketing programs.2. Develop content for social media.3. Engage with followers on social media.4. Utilize the various online tools to promote company’s online image and brand.5. Assess the various online campaigns of the company to understand how to improve such and therefore improve the brand recall.

Posted on Aug 11 , 2017