Project Details

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About Content  :  Content team is responsible for all content that is uploaded on portals ‘I Change My City’ and ‘I Paid a Bribe’. Be the inspiring story of a Bribe Fighter or recognizing the efforts of an honest official, the content team aims to find and publish those bitter-sweet experiences that shape a common man. Creating newsletters and sharing them with all of Janaagraha’s subscribers, answering hotlines, updating Bangaloreans about the happenings around the city, writing features and informing how different procedures work in government offices are other major aspects the team concentrates on.

: Intern
: Graduate/ post graduate students,Professionals on a break, students of social work, social sciences
: Secondary research, writing, desk search
Job Responsibilities

  • We would like to build a nuanced perspective of "Urban Commons".
  • Starting with the definition of urban commons, their characteristics, challenges faced, and sustainability issues.
  • This internship would focus on doing a desk search on developing a framework around urban commons, reseraching urban commons and trends in the world, coming up with design principles for sustenance of urban commons in the context of India.

Posted on Jul 15 , 2017